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Frankenfest 2018

Frankenfest Angola 2018!


Frankenfest is approaching fast and Angola is ready to come alive.

Now you're probably thinking why Frankenstein? Not only is it the 200 year anniversary of Mary Shelley's historical novel, but there are also limited pieces of classic literature that teach as many vital life lessons as Frankenstein. The book was published in 1818 and focused on the role of science in society.

Join us here at Cahoots on Saturday, October 13th to use the text to answer questions about how we decipher what's right and wrong, how we understand ourselves in relation to the world around us, and how we live in the world—questions that are as important today as they were in Mary Shelley's time.

We will be deciphering Shelley's iconic book with a Read-A-Thon. From 9am-3pm, volunteers will be reading in 10-minute shifts all day. Along with the reading, there will be numerous activities from crafts, poems, and much more! Stay tuned to our social media outlets for updates and more information in the weeks leading up to Frankenfest. The monster himself will be coming alive on October 13th, be sure not to miss this awesome event!

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