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We are a non-profit coffee house located in Angola, Indiana, that focuses on providing youth with a safe environment so that they can thrive in this world.

Leadership Team


Amy Oberlin

President/Board of Directors

Amy Oberlin is the news editor at The Herald Republican in Angola.  A Steuben County native, she has immerse herself in volunteer opportunities benefiting children, nature and the community.  Oberlin currently serves on the McClue Reserve Board, 101 Lakes Trust Board, Pleasant Lake Historical Society Board, Shape Up Steuben and Angola Rotary Club.  She teaches Junior Achievement lessons in local schools and is an organizer of the Adopt-A-Tree Festival, now in its 31st year.  At Cahoots, she founded the Cahoots Youth Advisory Council, which continues to evolve and has been integral in virtual outreach and monthly Backyard Bashes.


Phil Meyers

Vice President/Board of Directors

Phil Meyers is the young man with the gray beard.  He has been involved with youth his whole life.  Most recently with adjudicated young people through the MRT Program and the Mentoring Program.


Tom Green

Treasure/Board of Directors

Tom Green is the treasure for Cahoots Coffee Cafe.  Mr. Green works at Grandview Veterinary Clinic as clinic manager and also has a private consulting civil engineering firm doing site designs, erosion control plans, and septic system design.  Tom is a member of Angola United Methodist Church and serves as Chairman of the Pastor Parish Team along with being the church representative on the Cahoots Board.  Mr. Green has been blessed with 2 grown children, one of which lives in Denver, CO and the other lives in West Lafayette, IN.  Mr. Green enjoys camping, hiking, and model rocketry and is the 4H Aerospace Superintendent.


Adam Witmer

Secretary/Board of Directors

Adam Witmer is a Vice President at First Federal Savings Bank of Angola.  Having experience working with youth in youth leadership positions, Adam has also volunteered for Junior Achievement and is a founding board member of Steuben County Homeschoolers.  Mr. Witmer is an experienced marketer and business geek, having earned a BA in business administration from Taylor University and an MBA from Indiana Tech.  When Adam moved to Angola, IN a few years back, he was excited to learn about Cahoots Coffee Cafe and he and his family have been attending Cahoots' events - like open mic night where his children often perform - ever since.  


Tom Adamson

Board of Directors

Tom Adamson was our last Executive Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe, and is now on the Board of Directors.  Having in his background years as a middle school teacher, track coach and youth pastor, Tom first came to Angola in 2017 to be priest of Holy Family Episcopal Church, and remains so to this day.  He is active in the local arts and music scene.  He serves on the board of the Faith Community Health Clinic, board of the Downtown Angola Coalition, the Pleasant Lake Lions club, and the Trine University Chamber Orchestra.  Cahoots was the first cafe in Angola he ever visited.  Later, he would volunteer as host for monthly open mic nights.  He became Executive Director in November of 2019 and is now a member of the Board of Directors.


Timothy Crooks

Board of Directors

Tim is a Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe.


Jenniffer Friskney

Board of Directors

Jenniffer Friskney is a Steuben County resident that has a true passion to help others, whether  making connections to the right places or people they need in regards to what the need is, or helping to advocate for mental health awareness.    Jenniffer works in the community/multi counties teaching skills to youth and family support skills to parents/caregivers.  Jenniffer has learned life experiences from her own troubled youth and believes that seeing different perspectives helps keep her real with others as she's a straight forward tell it like it is person (what you see is what you get), very upfront, caring, helpful and kind but am not shy about explaining or asking tough things as sometimes people need direct approach in talk.  Jenniffer cares about kids learning advocacy skills to speak their truths and knows their feelings and opinions matter so they are able to strive for the confidence and comfort of using their own voices.  Jenniffer enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter, watching her play softball, meditation, watching/reading biographies, music documentaries of bands, reading the newspaper (instead of the internet news!) and loves nature. 


John French

Board of Directors

John is a Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe

Cahoots - Mike Cain.jpg

Mike Cain

Board of Directors

Mike is a Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe.


Jodi Eatinger

Board of Directors

Jodi is a Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe.


Pastor Tim Terrell

Board of Directors (Ex-Officio Member)

Tim is an ex-officio Director of Cahoots Coffee Cafe

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