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Cahoots Coffee Cafe

Coffee for a Cause

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Who We Are

Cahoots Coffee Café is an independent non-profit providing a safe and non-threatening environment for enrichment and socialization of youth.  Youth and adults can just hang out, participate in an open mic or game night, play pool and Foosball, and meet with friends.  Cahoots' space is a safe environment for all. 


The coffee at Cahoots is the best coffee in the region, supplied by local coffee roasters.  Cahoots' customers get to enjoy quality coffee while also supporting a great cause.


It really is "Coffee for a Cause."

Cahoots offers programs and enrichment for youth like Tell It Like It Is (a program teaching good decision making skills), cultural education through the Art Table, after school snacks and activities such as Thursday Game Night and First Friday Open Mic Night.  


With a well-trained staff and fantastic group of volunteers, Cahoots offers a safe space for youth to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

  • "Providing a safe space for youth to thrive."

Get Involved

Over the years, our organization has been a blessing to many who have come through our doors, and this has all been accomplished by the generosity of those in our community.   

There are several ways you can get involved with Cahoots:

  • Become a regular customer (and enjoy great coffee!)

  • Donate to us directly (click the button below or go to our donate page)

  • Become a volunteer by emailing our Executive Director at

  • Use the Amazon Smile program for your online purchases (as we get a percent of each sale)

You can learn more about opportunities to partner with us on our "Support Cahoots" page.  We hope to see you at Cahoots, and thanks for your interest in our mission of providing a safe space for youth to thrive.

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